Walleräng M.01 Modular E-Bike

Hand-built in Gothenburg 

You might have noticed that the Walleräng is pretty different from our usual range of bikes; for starters…

– it’s made of aluminium
– it’s a genuine e-bike
– it has a hybrid riding position
– it’s not Dutch!

So what were we thinking then? Well, we at the Flying Dutchman appreciate real quality when we see it, and from time-to-time something so special comes across our path that we have to make allowances for it. We sell English saddles and German lights, so incorporating this exquisite Swedish-made e-bike into our range was really a no-brainer!

From its inception, the Walleräng was built around the Shimano Steps mid-drive electric motor. Although it arrived rather late to the market, the Shimano Steps system has been under careful development for a lot longer than its competitors, and has already made a huge impression on the discerning cycling community at events like Eurobike.

Up until now, our problem with e-bikes has been twofold:
1) They look ugly,

2) the electric system hasn’t been integrated well enough into the bike or the riding experience.

The reason why we like the Walleräng so much is that it overcomes both of these issues in tremendous style! The battery for this system is located on the bike’s downtube, thus keeping all of the weight low and in the middle, while also freeing up the front and rear racks for cargo. The Shimano Steps motor works seamlessly with the electronically-shifted Shimano Alfine Di2 hub gears, and the aesthetic isn’t compromised by the fact that it’s an electric bike.

The riding experience is highly customisable thanks to the myriad options offered by the compact on-board computer system – the bike can even be programmed to automatically shift into an easy gear every time you come to a complete stop! You might think that giving so much responsibility to a computer would interfere with the riding experience, but because it has undergone such intensive development, the result is a highly refined and intuitive system that only adds to the rider’s enjoyment. Imagine if you had a perpetual tailwind, or every road was a downhill run – that’s the feeling that the Shimano Steps system delivers.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it: the Walleräng placed first in the category of E-Bikes and Pedelecs at the 2015 EUROBIKE awards, receiving *outstanding* evaluations in the categories of Functionality and Added Value.

It truly is an absolute cracker of a bike, and we see it as heralding a major step forward in facilitating everyday travel by bicycle. It may not be Dutch, but with these credentials, it simply doesn’t matter – we love it and are immensely proud to include it in our range of bikes.



  • One size fits all (until 2016)


Load Capacity

  • Rear rack: 30kg
  • Front rack: 20kg


  • Matte paint, predominantly white with grey accents


Technical Specifications

  • Modular front and rear racks – easily mounted/removed
  • Large capacity (36V, 11.6Ah) lithium ion battery pack
  • Intelligent power management system
  • Integrated lighting from Dutch brand Spanninga
  • Corrosion-resistant spokes
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes


Prices starting from: £2399

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