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Urban Arrow – Cargo Bike deliveries in London (featuring the Stig!)

We’ve known for some time that driving in London can be a slow and frustrating ordeal, and this raises a pertinent question for delivery companies: how to beat the traffic?

With London traffic moving slower than it did a hundred years ago, delivery companies will have to evolve if they are to succeed in this congested environment. When time is of the essence, who can afford to be sat in a jam? Cargo bike deliveries have taken off in many cities around the world, and the Urban Arrow team have now set their sights on the UK!

By pitting their finest cargo bike against a traditional (white) transit van, the team from Urban Arrow set out to test who could make their round of deliveries the quickest. Two Stigs, two forms of transport, and only space for one victor!

There are a number of reasons why cargo bike deliveries make a lot of sense in urban centres like London; for instance:

  • Cargo bikes are markedly more environmentally friendly than conventional, petrochemical fuelled vehicles. They create zero emissions, so London’s air pollution problem could be helped if more deliveries were made by bike.
  • Cargo bikes take up much less space than motor vehicles, and so they would ease pressure on the overloaded road network.
  • Bikes can utilise a much denser network of shortcuts and special paths, which means that they can traverse the complex city streets more easily than large vans.
  • Even a fleet of cargo bikes is far less expensive to purchase than a single van, and maintenance/running costs are lower as well.
  • As the video illustrates, congestion in London is so bad that an electric cargo bike can make its deliveries much more quickly than a van – the ability to make deliveries quickly is increasingly important as the demand for food deliveries rises.

Stig Race!

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