Urban Arrow Accessories

Protection from weather


Box Cover

The box cover is designed to keep your box dry and free from detritus. It pulls tight over the frame, and won’t blow away in even the gustiest storm. The cover can also be used like a duvet when passengers are in the box. The long reflective strips down the length provide side-on visibility all year round.

Rain Cover (a.k.a. Rain Tent)

The rain tent is an essential piece of kit for the all-weather rider. A thoughtful feature is the swept-back roof of the tent, which offers some protection to the driver’s body and legs while the bike is moving. The tent also offers passengers excellent protection from the sun, and a built-in insect-net ensures that no unwelcome bugs can get a free ride. 


Urban Arrow really outdid themselves when designing the poncho – now everyone can arrive in a state of (relative) dryness! The velcro system allows the poncho to connect to the rain tent, thus forming a continuous dry-zone that protects the driver.


Although the Urban Arrow is designed to live outdoors throughout the seasons, a parka (or ‘bike pyjama’) is a good way to protect it and keep it looking shiny and new. Easy to fit, the elasticated bottom ensures that it won’t blow away. 

 Carrying babies and older kids


Extra Bench

Seating for four? Not a problem! Easy to install and remove, the extra bench can double your Urban Arrow’s passenger capacity. The fact that it folds up means that you can pretty much leave it installed and still do all of your usual errands. Nice.

Yepp Mini Adaptor

‘Ingenious’ is the word for how Urban Arrow solved the problem of carrying children too young for the standard bench. Parents particularly like this solution because their child can face them while they ride.

Melia Child Seat

If you have more than one tiny tot on your hands, installing a Melia child seat might also be of interest. The mounting procedure is more complex than with the Yepp, but it is just as secure. 

Maxi-Cosi Adapter

For the youngest passengers of all, the Urban Arrow Maxi-Cosi adapter is without a doubt the finest that we have seen. Twin stainless steel shock absorbers and a choice of two ride heights benefit from the rock solid mounting provided by the box’s pre-drilled holes. Hats off to the design team for this one!

 Other useful things


Rear Carrier

More luggage capacity? Or maybe just a spot for another passenger? The Yepp Maxi adapted rear carrier is a brilliant accessory to make your Urban Arrow even more useful.

Luggage Net

Anyone who rides a bike like the Urban Arrow will appreciate the importance of a good, heavy-duty lock. However, one of the downsides of hefting around a huge metal chain is the damage that it could do to your lovely new bike! Luckily the design team have got it covered – the luggage net does is a cracking innovation.




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