Romantic, Civilised, and Fun…

The Cycle Superhighways that are being built in London might just herald the beginning of a major transport revolution in the British capital. We certainly hope so, because it’s not only great exercise, cost-effective, and good for the environment to travel by bike, it’s also hugely great fun!

Taking a passenger along for the ride is even better – and no one know this better than London’s own mayor! There’s nothing inherently dangerous about riding like this, it’s only the state of the roads and the transport culture that make travel by bike more risky than it ought to be; given the right laws and the right infrastructure, there’s no reason why London couldn’t reap the benefits of the same sort of cycling culture that is enjoyed¬†throughout the rest of Europe

That said, cycling in London is still pretty fun, and it’s always more pleasant by bike than it is to be stuck in traffic or crammed into a stuffy underground carriage.

Oh, and in the interest of balance, it’s worth pointing out that Kristina isn’t always the passenger when we ride together!

Flying Dutchman - bakfiets - workcycles - kr8 - cargo bike - London

The WorkCycles Kr8: Space enough for both of us to stretch our legs

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