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WorkCycles Oma
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Key features

The WorkCycles Omafiets

WorkCycles are renowned for their no-nonsense approach to bikes. They don’t mess around with second-rate components, and they only put their badge on products that they are proud of. The Omafiets (or ‘grandmother bike’) is definitely a model of which they can be proud. The frame is symbolic of generations of Dutch tradition, and the build-quality is second to none. The ride itself has a uniquely special feel, which needs to be experienced to be properly understood.  


  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres
  • Busch&Muller dynamo lights
  • Available in matte or gloss black
  • Choice of gearing and braking options

Optional Extras

  • Removable front cargo rack
  • Schrader valves instead of Dunlop valves
  • Marathon Plus tyres instead of standard Marathons

Our take on the WorkCycles Oma

Steely Icon

The WorkCycles Oma is a special bike in our range. It’s swooping frame is archetypal, and the sturdy feel of the ride can’t help but conjure up nostalgia for pancakes and canals. Like any good-quality omafiets, it is quintessentially Dutch; it’s well-made, only available in black, can handle kids and cargo without batting an eyelid, and it’s step-through frame is great for both men and women. The timeless styling of a proper steel omafiets also has a lot of appeal as a symbol of utility cycling, and so riding it around British cities can feel like quite an act of rebellion at times!

WorkCycles Workhorse

It isn’t just about looks and history though. The WorkCycles Omafiets is a seriously competent and reliable workhorse of a bike, with strong steel frame tubes, immensely rugged wheels, and careful attention to details throughout. Quality is the manufacturer’s foremost concern, and so everything is top-notch; from the brakes and gears, to the tyres, lights, and hardware, no expense is spared in making the oma absolutely as good as she can be. The result is a bike that rides and works fabulously, and even with all of the modern parts still captures the magic of the Dutch cycling heritage.

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Step-over frame sizes
49cm, 53cm, 57cm, 61cm
IM80 Rollerbrakes
RYDE Double Walled heavy duty
Shimano Nexus 3-speed or 8-speed
Quill stem
Matte black or Gloss black
Selle Royal Ondina
Dynamo Headlamp
B&M Lyt
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