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WorkCycles Fr8 Industrial
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Key features

The perfect cargo bike for daily life The WorkCycles Fr8 (pr. ‘Freight’) is a modular, heavy-duty transport bike, designed and built by the WorkCycles team in Amsterdam. As a cargo bike, the industrial version of the universal Fr8 is truly outstanding; designed from the tyres up to deal reliably with demanding, year round use. Thoughtful features like the frame’s Adaptive Seat Tube mean that the same bike can be easily adjusted to fit riders from 160cm right up to 200cm. This is ideal when sharing between riders of different heights, as it is a truly universal frame geometry. The step-through version of the WorkCycles Fr8 is exceptionally good at handling weighty cargo, and it has a load capacity of 250kg. If you are considering this bike for business purposes then we would recommend the Massive Rack for the front in order give you the greatest cargo capacity. If you are considering the Fr8 as more of a city bike, then we would recommend the lighter and narrower city front carrier. Thanks to its versatility, on its days off even a commercially configured Fr8 could be adapted to become a formidable family bike. Advantages
  • Frame mounted front rack can cope with exceptionally heavy loads
  • Wide bi-pod kickstand means the bike is always stable when loading and unloading
  • Low and central centre of mass results in excellent handling
  • Step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Upright riding position for comfort and control
  • Highest-quality components used throughout
  • Unparalleled build-quality, genius design, and legendary reliability

Our take on the WorkCycles Fr8 Industrial


The step-through version of the WorkCycles Fr8 is designed specifically to have a universal frame geometry that is suitable for anyone from 160cm up to 200cm in height. The patented Adaptive Seat Tube technology means that the same bike can be quickly adjusted to fit different sized riders without compromising the bike’s excellent ergonomics. The universal frame is a reliable and rock solid foundation upon which we can build you a truly magnificent cargo bike.

As a cargo bike, the Fr8 is world famous for its industrial-strength and its ability to withstand the roughest treatment. From the rust protected 4130 chromoly frame to the specially made wheels and fat tyres, this bike is about as bomb-proof as it gets. In our experience, there really is nothing even close to as tough as the WorkCycles Fr8.

For delivery purposes, we would specify the Fr8 with the aptly named ‘Massive Rack’ front carrier. This rack is purpose built to accommodate 60 x 40cm Euronorm crates, and to carry loads of up to 100kgs. It bears mentioning though, that even under load this bike still rolls remarkably smoothly, and the same bike can be easily adjusted for riders of different heights. For advertising and branding purposes, custom colours and signboards are among the myriad options that are available to suit your needs.

Equipping the WorkCycles Fr8 cargo bike with a long rear rack means that it can accommodate even more cargo. The Fr8 has a total load capacity of 250kg, so you don’t exactly have to worry about overloading it! Comfortably carrying such enormous loads is a pretty incredible feat for a bike with the same overall length as your average hybrid, road bike, or mountain bike, and this should give you an idea of why we venerate the Fr8 cargo bike so much at Flying Dutchman.

One particularly nifty WorkCycles feature is the ingenious ‘Escape Hatch’, which make it easy to replace things like the rear tyre, inner tube, or rollerbrake without opening the chaincase or having to adjusting any of the Fr8’s more fiddly parts. Moreover, the enclosed gears, brakes, and drivetrain keep all of the bike’s more sensitive components totally protected from the weather, meaning that you can more or less forget about maintenance and just enjoy years of reliable service.

Short of going the whole hog and getting a bakfiets type cargo bike, the industrial WorkCycles Fr8 is pretty much as good as it gets, especially if storing a bigger bike would be a problem. From the rust protected 4130 chromoly frame, to the specially made wheels and super fat tyres, this bike is certifiably bomb-proof. In our experience, there really is nothing even close to as tough as the WorkCycles Fr8 cargo bike, and nothing that handles heavy loads quite so confidently.

The Fr8 is one of our most versatile bikes, and more information about the its many distinctive features and applications can be found on the WorkCycles blog.


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Chromoly Steel
Schwalbe Big Ben or Big Ben Plus
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