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WorkCycles Classic Trike
From: £3,475.00

Key features

WorkCycles mahogany bakfiets - history in motion Still fabricated in the Netherlands, these behemoths are the very last of the traditional, old-fashioned Dutch ‘bakfietsen’. Aside from the sealed bearings, stainless hardware, and modern finishes these leviathans have hardly changed for 100 years. A classic bakfiets is big, heavy, indestructible, and far more practical than you might expect. Though they have their roots in another century, these big tricycles are still great either for promotion or really heavy work. They're surprisingly easy to handle, and quite easy to pedal (given flat terrain). You'll ride at a jogging pace with a 1:1 gear ratio, and the big tyres and truck-style leaf springs help your load float over any road surface. The suspension is top quality because these trikes were designed before the roads were paved. You can choose from our standard options or we can customise the trikes to suit your needs.   Key specifications
  • Massive 26" transporter wheels with 26 x 2.5" tires
  • Single-speed with fixed gear (pedals backwards too)
  • Giant, hand operated drum brake
  • Solid mahogany cargo box on leaf springs
  • Sealed industrial bearings throughout
  • Motorcycle drive chain and steel chain cover
  • Load capacity of 350kgs
  Want to learn more? Check out images of the cargo bike on the WorkCycles Flickr page  

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Load capacity
Retro-fit motor package
Bafang mid-motor and hydraulic disc brakes
Modernisation package
8 speed gearing & hydraulic rear rim brake
Demountable canopy & sidewalls
Flat or curved lid, fixed or hinged
Box cover
Bisonyl box cover
Front stabilisers
Stabiliser legs for street vending
Advertising package
Wheel covers for advertising
Anything is possible!