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Urban Arrow Shorty Cargo
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Key features

Mighty quiet and incredibly agile

The Shorty is the lightest cargo bike made by the legendary Dutch manufacturer Urban Arrow. Don’t let its weight fool you though, because this compact package packs quite a nice punch. One test ride and you can see why the Shorty is being used to replace scooters for urban deliveries. It has all the speed of a moped, minus the fumes, noise, and red-tape. In spite of its capacity, it's still just a bike after all!

Don't stew in traffic - filter!

Cities are constantly growing, and traffic congestion is always a problem. An Urban Arrow Shorty can zip right past all that nonsense just like a regular bike. With the powerful Bosch pedal-assist, you never need to work up a sweat to get where you're going. Riding this bike is like riding a pleasant breeze through the city streets.

It's just like riding a bike (only easier!)

The short wheel base of the Shorty makes it handle just like a regular bicycle. It makes inner city transport feel like a walk in the park, especially with the pedal-assist.

Loading Volume

The Urban Arrow Shorty has a surprising load capacity for a bike of its compact size. The box has a volume of up to 150 litres or a maximum weight capacity of 85kg in its cargo space. Need to carry more? Just add a rear rack and some panniers.

Check out the full specifications for the Active Line, Performance Line and the Cargo Line Shorty models:

Our take on the Urban Arrow Shorty Cargo


The Urban Arrow Shorty is an exceptionally versatile electric cargo bike. Because of its compact size, the Shorty’s manoeuvrability gives it an advantage over larger cargo bikes, especially in the urban environment where filtering through traffic can halve journey times. Having a lighter cargo bike also means that it needs less battery power to cover distances, and so its range is larger than you might expect for a bike with such industrial capacity. With the new 2019 rear frame, Urban Arrow have unlocked the Shorty’s true potential, giving it the ability to accommodate Bosch’s dual-battery technology, as well as a Gates Carbon Belt Drive – with these upgrades, there’s really no better compact cargo bike on the market.

One of our favourite features of the Urban Arrow Shorty is the way that the cargo compartment is compartmentalised, so you can separate things depending on their size and shape. The bike was originally designed for food deliveries, with a cool + deep space down below (for drinks), and a large + flat compartment on top (for food). We’ve lived with the Shorty for a year ourselves, and in this time we found the ability to separate cargo immeasurably useful. We could stow our belongings down in the lower section, leaving the top section free for our dog. This set up worked extremely well for us, as valuable items were protected and hidden, and our Scamp got a first-class seat where we could keep an eye on him! In the time that we had our Shorty, we never encountered a chicane or roadblock that stopped us – this is an important benefit of such a compact cargo bike, as a lot of ‘cycle-specific infrastructure’ does not consider the dimensions of larger cargo bikes.

The Shorty is a superb bike to ride. The fat Schwalbe Big Ben tyres provide ample cushioning, and the riding position is comfortable enough for all-day adventures. The bike itself is light enough to pedal under your own steam, but also extremely efficient at covering distances when used with the Bosch motor. The geometry is truly universal, and so the Shorty can be shared by riders of different heights – useful when considering a bike for business. The brakes are proportionate to a fully-loaded bike going at good speed, which is reassuring if you want to ride fully-loaded and at speed!

Though it is the smallest cargo bike in their range, Urban Arrow are exceptionally proud of their Shorty. The bike was superb from day one, and has seen more than a few clever modifications over the years. Because of its evolving design, it continues to win awards at Eurobike, proving that it is still ahead of the competition even though it has been around for a few years. At Flying Dutchman Bikes, we are huge fans ourselves, and so we thoroughly recommend booking a test ride and seeing if the Urban Arrow Shorty could be the right bike to electrify your business.


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Universal - fits riders from 160cm up to 200cm
Shimano Deore Hydraulic 180mm disc
Enviolo 380 CVT
Rigida Heavy Duty
Schwalbe Big Ben Plus
Specifications are subject to changes, errors, and omissions.
Bosch Active, Performance, or Cargo Line
400Wh or 500Wh Bosch frame mount
Dual-battery ready
Rear Carrier
Lockable Lid
Gates Carbon Belt Drive