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Urban Arrow Cargo Flatbed XXL
From: £4,960.00

Key features

This is the longest two-wheeled bike of the Cargo range. With an extra 40 centimeters added to the length of the Cargo XL this bike is more like a two wheeled truck. You could transport an entire pop-up shop with it, including personnel.


The strong Bosch Performance motor comes standard on the XXL. So do the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano.

Volume XXL

This bike allows for cargo volumes up to 700 liter. Putting that in perspective; the XXL has space for nine Eurocrates that measure L 60cm x W 40cm x H 24cm

Load Capacity

The maximum weight allowed on this bike is 275kg (this includes bike, box and rider)

  See full specs for the Performance and the Performance CX models!

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