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Tern GSD S10 Family
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Key features

The Utility Bike Designed to Fit Your Life

Despite appearances, the GSD is actually the same length as a regular bike, and so it fits everywhere a standard bike can. This means that you can store your family bike in your hall, squeeze it in the elevator, or stow it on the train for a cheeky getaway to the seaside. It gets better though, as there are lots of places a standard bike doesn’t fit, and so that’s why the GSD was designed it to pack down to 1/3rd its volume in only 10 seconds. Tern are the masters of folding bikes, after all!

Elevator Friendly

Cargo bikes are useful in cities, but they can also be tricky to manage and store. Most people don’t have space for a full-sized cargo bike, so the GSD was designed to fit into small spaces so it can be kept indoors. The rear rack has a brilliant feature which allows the bike to be stood up vertically, for compact and stable storage.

Dual-Battery ready

The GSD is one of the few bikes equipped with Bosch’s latest Dual-Battery technology as standard. You can connect up to two batteries for a range of over 250km. Tour from dusk to dawn, or commute for a week on a single charge.

Friends Get Benefits

The GSD brings new meaning to “riding with a friend.” Our suite of ‘Sidekick’ accessories, including a KLICKfix seat cushion, retractable foot pegs, and an underseat handle, let two adults ride together in comfort. With Bosch power and an ultra-low center of gravity, you might not even notice your passenger.

See-and-Be-Seen Geometry

The GSD features a relaxed geometry that puts the rider in an upright, comfortable position. Swept back handlebars and ergonomic grips take a lot of stress off the neck, shoulders, and wrists. You’re also able to see (and be seen) over the tops of most cars, which is a great benefit in traffic. With Bosch power, comfort and performance can coexist.

Boosted Components

We use burly and dependable, cutting edge mountain bike technology to make the GSD superlatively strong. Magura 4 piston disc brakes, custom 62 mm Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, Boost thru-axle hubs, and custom 36 mm wide double-joined rims, provide the rock-solid foundation for a bike spec’d to carry 180 kg.

Low and Steady

The GSD is engineered from the ground up for maximum stability, loaded and unloaded. We designed it with a 125 cm wheelbase—25% longer than standard ebikes—for confident and balanced handling. Thanks to small wheels, a low frame, and centrally mounted motor, the bike boasts an extremely low center of gravity. Altogether, the ride is a revelation.

Safety First (Second and Third)

Cycling is safer when you move at the speed of city traffic. Fast acceleration is a given with a Bosch Performance motor combined with smaller wheels. We’ve developed custom, virtually flat-proof, Schwalbe tires to give sure-footed stability on even the nastiest roads. Add super-bright LED lights, reflective decals, and a see-and-be-seen riding position, and you have a bike optimized for safety.

Stable Standing

Parents know that loading kids on and off a bike is tricky business. That’s where the German-made Hebie kickstand comes in. It supports up to 80 kg, with two widely spaced legs for super stable support. So go ahead, breathe easy and use both hands to load (and lock) your precious cargo.

Sell the RV

The GSD is an awesome touring machine. It’s got room for six Ortlieb bags (4 on the rear rack and 2 on the front), and a range of up to 250km. A bit of careful packing lets you bring a full touring load, together with a little passenger. That means two GSDs let a family of four tour the world, no bike trailer required.

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Universal - fits riders from 155cm up to 190cm
Magura MT4 180mm discs
Deore 10-speed derailleur
Custom Atlas wheelset
Schwalbe Super Moto-X
Specifications are subject to changes, errors, and omissions.
Bosch Performance Line (63Nm)
400Wh Bosch frame mount
Dual-battery ready
Front rack
Passenger cushion
Sidekick handlebar
Sidekick footrests
Yepp Maxi
EasyFit compatible