Riese & Müller Cruiser
From: £3,219.00

Key features

Every kilometer feels like a stroll through the park The Cruiser does stand out as the stylish one in the Riese & Müller range. It has the proportions of a normal city bike, and at first-glance, you might not even notice that it is electric. However, underneath the subtle exterior lies a sophisticated piece of German engineering. You’ll notice that it isn’t as over-built as many of Riese & Müller’s more industrial electric bikes, and so more consideration has been given to styling and cultivating a relaxing ride experience. Just because it’s good-looking doesn’t mean that it isn’t still tough and practical though; it has balloon tyres, front suspension forks, and powerful lights, as well as the excellent build-quality for which our German friends are renowned. As with all Riese & Müller electric bikes, the Cruiser is made to your specifications; you can choose the colour, motor, drivetrain, and any accessories that you want. Advantages
  • Plush suspension for lightweight comfort
  • High-volume Schwalbe balloon tyres keep the Cruiser stable, even at speed
  • Magura HS22 hydraulic rim brakes for progressive stopping power
  • Assistance from two different variants of reliable Bosch motors
  • Enviolo or Shimano hub gears, with the option for a Gates Carbon Belt Drive for low maintenance
  • Frame-mounted battery improves the Cruiser’s handling, and keeps the rear rack free for kids or cargo

Our take on the Riese & Müller Cruiser

The Cruiser has a lot going for it, and it seems to stand at a crossroads between the past and the future. Its design is classic and chic, with polished details that will outlive any merely trendy faddishness. Given what a modern machine it is, the bike’s character is surprisingly timeless, and draws you in with every journey. Once you start spinning the pedals, the smooth handling lets you forget the grind and just enjoy the ride. The leather grips of the elegantly curved handlebars are fit nicely in your hands, and this gives you a relaxed and civilised position on the cushioned saddle with its sensitive spring support. The generously proportioned Big Ben tyres run smoothly and reliably bring you to your destination; calm, stylish and relaxed, always a few revolutions ahead.

With its premium components and build-quality, the Riese & Müller Cruiser sits a cut above electric city bikes from other manufacturers. One test ride is all it takes to see this for yourself. The styling is subtle and tasteful enough to blend in, while at the same time keeping things elegant and interesting. It uniquely navigates a thin line between its modern components and its traditional aesthetic, and still comes out riding brilliantly. We highly recommend the Cruiser if you’re looking for something simple but special, sophisticated but also relaxed. Something stylish, but not a show-off.

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51cm, 56cm, 60cm
RST Nova ML 60mm travel
Schwalbe Big Ben
Enviolo 380 CVT or Nexus 8-speed
Magura HS22
Bosch Performance Line Speed or Bosch Active Plus
500Wh Bosch frame-mounted battery
Ride mode
Pedal-assist with a torque sensor
Top motor assisted speed
45km/h with the Bosch Performance Line Speed
Front light
Busch & Müller IQ Cyo R LED
Rear light
Busch & Müller Toplight 2C
Rear rack
Gates Belt Drive
Only with Shimano Nexus 8-speed
Frame Bag
Front Luggage Carrier