Riese & Müller Charger3
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Key features

For the daily commute. For the weekend. For the eyes.

The Charger wants to get out and go for a spin. This beast of a bike can climb mountains with ease, compete with the wind, and turn your daily commute into an experience. With Gen.4 Performance Line motor options from Bosch, and the new Powertube technology to keep things looking sleek. As an all-rounder, do-everything kind of bike, the Charger strives to turn all of your trips into adventures. Whether bounding through bogs or conquering rush hour traffic quickly and safely, Riese & Müller have got you covered. And should you want to go off-road for a while, no problem. You’re already in the saddle of maximum freedom. As with every Riese & Müller electric bike, the Charger can be configured to your specifications, so you can choose the colour, motor, drivetrain, and accessories that suit your ride.

  • Air suspension for lightweight comfort
  • High-volume Schwalbe tyres keep the Charger extremely stable, even at speed
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for progressive stopping power
  • Assistance from the superlative Bosch Gen.4 CX motor
  • Bosch Powertube technology keeps the battery protected inside the frame
  • Optional dual-battery upgrade allows you to double your assisted range
  • Downtube mounted battery improves the Charger’s handling, and keeps the rear rack free for kids and cargo

Our take on the Riese & Müller Charger3

The 2021 Charger3 is the latest and greatest in the line of reliable electric bikes from German designers and manufacturers Riese & Müller. Integration of components is key to the Charger’s smooth and angular frame lines. The Gen.4 Bosch motor is housed low and central, for improved e-bike handling. Likewise, the concealed 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery is built into bike’s downtube, keeping it invisible and protected. Designed to be an athletic electric bike, the Charger has been one of Riese & Müller’s most successful models over the years; a bit more performance-oriented than the Nevo or the Culture, and a little bit more comfortable and cruising oriented compared to the Roadster or the Delite.

The Charger3 is undoubtedly a performance electric bike. It comes equipped with high-level components, and it is built to handle a tough life. The heart of the bike is the reliable Bosch Gen.4 motor system. With the battery inside the downtube thanks to Bosch’s revolutionary PowerTube technology, a second 500Wh battery is an optional extra if you want to go nuts and double the bike’s assisted range. In terms of the drivetrain, again we find only top-level components from Shimano, Enviolo, and Rohloff in tandem with Gates and their superb carbon belt drive.

The long wheelbase, air suspension, and fat tyres give the Charger3 an exceptionally comfortable and stable ride. Whether you’re boosting through town or pootling on the towpath, the bike handles in a very civilised manner. Because of the variable assistance given by the Bosch electric motor, the Charger can be propelled with as much or as little of your own effort as you desire. If you want to feel your quads burn, simply put it in ECO mode and find a big hill to climb. Likewise, if you’re feeling tired or saving your energy for later, simply set the assistance level to TURBO and let the motor do the lion’s share. The Charger is a bike that is always ready for an adventure, and it isn’t afraid of getting a bit muddy on the route to finding one.

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46cm, 49cm, 53cm
Pearl White, Black Matte, Electric Red Metallic
Suntour XCR32 Air 100mm
Aluminium with raised chainstays
Schwalbe Super Moto-X or Big Ben Plus
Deore XT deraillieur or Enviolo 380 CVT
Magura MT4 or Shimano Deore
Specifications are subject to changes, omissions, and errors
Bosch Performance Line CX or Bosch Performance Line Speed or Bosch Active Plus
Internal 500Wh powertube with option for external 500Wh dual battery (total 1000Wh)
Ride mode
Pedal-assist with a torque sensor
Top motor assisted speed
45km/h with the Bosch Performance Line Speed
Front light
Supernova E3 e-bike
Rear light
Busch & Müller Toplight 2C
COBI.bike sport
Optional (not available for speed models)
Rear rack
Gates Belt Drive
Only with Enviolo hub gears
Dual battery
Bosch Kiox