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Pilen Lyx step-over
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Key features

The Pilen Lyx

The Lyx is a customisable city bike, hand-built in Sweden by specialists at the Pilen Cykelab. The range was designed to deliver an extraordinarily comfortable ride on a bike that will last a lifetime. Starting with a choice of premium colours, you are invited to create your own low-maintenance city bike. Selecting a gearing + braking package that’s right for you is the next big decision. After this, there are many, smaller customisation options for things like tyres, handlebar grips, and baskets. Standard components include the substantial rear carrier, as well as the premium Brooks B66 saddle. The mudguards and chain guard are made from powder coated steel, and all bikes come complete with built-in lights, a frame-fitted ring lock, and a special Pilen bell.


  • Upright riding position
  • Shimano IM45 rollerbrakes
  • Japanese Tange bottom bracket and headset
  • Schwalbe tyres
  • Brooks B66 saddle
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Available in all Pilen standard colours

Our take on the Pilen Lyx step-over

Traditional Quality

The construction and finishing are harmonized to provide outstanding corrosion protection, low-maintenance, and a rare, timeless elegance. The Pilen Lyx is built to last a lifetime, and you can even pass it on to your grandchildren! All Pilen Lyx frames are made from TiG-welded chromium-molybdenum steel; superb strength, light weight, and very resilient. The bikes’ forks are also made from chromoly steel with a characteristic cast crown.

The Kit and Kaboodle

The wheels are made from exceptionally sturdy double-walled aluminium rims and thick stainless steel spokes. The rear wheel always uses swaged spokes – cold forged and made thinner and stronger in the middle section for extra durability.

The use of stainless steel is extensive to prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the bike. For this reason, the stem, handlebars, mudguards, seat post, and all of the nuts and bolts are made from 8.18-steel.

The Brooks B66 saddle is the icing on the cake – a shop favourite of ours, and arguably the best saddle on the market for upright city bikes. It’s certainly in a class of its own when it comes to adding comfort to an upright riding position (doesn’t look too shabby either!). Given the build and component quality of the Lyx, it offers an exceptional value for money that is rarely found with modern bikes.

Universal Appeal

Highly stable handling and wonderfully comfortable on the city road or country trail. Because of the relatively flat bars, the riding position of the Pilen Lyx has been likened to ‘the best mountain bike you’ve ever tried’.

A final point to mention is the exceptional build-quality of the Pilen Lyx. The bike’s designer/factory manager simply hates dealing with warranty claims, and so he resolved to build his bikes without compromises. The commitment to quality is second to none, and we hardly ever see Lyx bikes in the workshop for repairs.

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Chrome-molybdenum steel grade 4130
Chrome-molybdenum steel grade 4130
Double-butted alloy rims
Bottom Bracket
Tange model LN-7922
Brooks B66 or Montegrappa Future
Stainless steel
Rear carrier
Chrome-molybdenum steel grade 4130
N.B. Specifications are subject to updates, errors, and omissions.