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Pilen Lyx Family
From: £875.00

Key features

The Lyx is a customisable city bike, hand-built in Sweden by specialists at the Pilen Cykelab. The range was designed to deliver an extraordinarily comfortable ride on a bike that will last a lifetime. Starting with a choice of premium colours, you are invited to create your own low-maintenance city bike. Selecting a gearing + braking package that’s right for you is the next big decision. After this, there are many, smaller customisation options for things like tyres, handlebar grips, and baskets. Standard components include the substantial rear carrier, as well as the premium Brooks B66 saddle. The mudguards and chain guard are made from powder coated steel, and all bikes come complete with built-in lights, a frame-fitted ring lock, and a special Pilen bell. As a family bike, the Lyx is formidable. It has standard design features like a steering stabiliser and strong rear rack, which make it ideal for handling child seats. The optional double kickstand further improves the bike’s stability when parked. Also noteworthy is the fact that you can fit a front child seat to the bike’s stem, while simultaneously having a basket or rack over the front wheel. This is not usually easily done, and there aren’t many bikes that can do this and do it well. Most alternatives are purpose-built, but the Lyx is just a strong and highly adaptable city bike.

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