Gazelle Van Stael step-over
From: £749.00

Key features

Gazelle Van Stael

The Van Stael is Gazelle’s retro style icon. Drawing inspiration from classic Tour de France bikes, its lightweight steel frame combines nostalgia with modern components.  


  • Seven-speed Shimano Nexus hub gears make for low-maintenance and a clean look.
  • Finishing touches include a Brooks leather saddle and matching grips.
  • Precise handling and ride characteristics.
  • The Van Stael can be upgraded with an optional front rack and retro light set.
  • Available in Petrol Blue, or Dust Grey
Gazelle Van Stael step-over 7-speed  –  £749

Our take on the Gazelle Van Stael step-over

The first thing you’ll notice about the Van Stael is that it is a good-looking bike. It’s devilishly handsome from every angle, and there’s no denying it! The Brooks finishing kit gives the bike a lovely handmade feel, and the Continental tyres keep everything rolling smoothly along.

On a closer inspection, you’ll see that the good-looks are more than skin-deep. With high-quality components from brands like Brooks and Shimano, it’s clear that this is a true Dutch bike and not just a fashion lookalike.

If the looks and the specs aren’t enough to convince you, the test ride certainly will – the handling is light, the ride is comfortable, and the brakes are reliable. The steel frame is slender and compliant, resulting in a really smooth and silky quality. In summary, the Van Stael is the complete package, wrapped up in a vintage bow.

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Step-over frame sizes
54cm, 59cm, 64cm
Caliper rim brakes
Mach1 550 28''
Shimano Nexus 7-speed
Quill stem, non-adjustable
Dust or Petrol
Front rack
Retro light set