Gazelle Puur_NL
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Key features

The Gazelle Puur.NL is a great all-rounder. Extremely hardy and weather-proof, this is a bike that is built to live outside and be used and enjoyed every day. The unique front and rear carriers emphasise the tough looks of this cargo bike, while also serving a practical purpose. The rigid frame, swept-back handlebars, and wide tires give this bike a lovely relaxed ride.


  • A robust bike that can withstand a great deal
  • Handy steering lock and wide bi-pod stand
  • Features front and rear carrier as standard
  • Cables concealed neatly in the frame


  • 49cm
  • 54cm
  • 59cm

Technical Specifications

  • Battery-powered LED lights (front and rear)
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Aluminium frame
  • Front and rear racks
  • Shimano 3-speed or 7-speed hub gears
  • Ursus Jumbo bi-pod stand
  • Steering lock for easy-loading


Gazelle Puur.NL 3-speed coaster brake  –  £499

Gazelle Puur.NL 7-speed coaster brake  –  £599


Our take on the Gazelle Puur_NL

There exists a formula for the perfect Dutch city bike. Perhaps, like a Platonic Form, it exists only as a concept; somewhere ‘out there’, in the ether of our imaginations. Essentially it is a convergence of numerous essential qualities; among them, the most important are usually considered to be comfort, utility, styling, and price.

It is a rare and unusual thing for a bicycle description to begin with a reference to the ancient philosophical notion of perfection, but if any bike deserves such an introduction, the Gazelle Puur.NL is surely it.

Riding this bike requires no thought, no hassle, and no fuss; it is just a simple pleasure. Fat tyres absorb bumps, and the huge Selle Royal saddle makes sure that you are scarcely even aware of them. The front and rear racks are built to good Dutch standards, so the bike is always equipped to carry just about anything. The styling is unpretentious and simple, and because Gazelle design and hand-build their bikes in-house, all of the parts are aesthetically matched to complement each other. The price of the bike is also extremely competitive given the no-nonsense quality of the components, especially considering the Shimano brakes and gears, as well as the extensive use of weather-proof materials.

Superb features of this bike include the Ursus Jumbo super-wide bi-pod kickstand, the high-volume balloon tyres, and the steering lock, which prevents the bike from tipping when it is being loaded. Although they were originally designed for cargo bikes, these features work exceptionally well to make the Puur.NL a formidable family bike as well.

All in all, the Gazelle Puur.NL is a great all-rounder; as adept at carrying kids and shopping as it is at casual cruising and carrying crates of beer. Needless to say, we love it.


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