Gazelle Miss Grace
From: £699.00

Key features

Gazelle Miss Grace

Elegant and tough at the same time, the Gazelle Miss Grace is as versatile as she is good-looking. Styling and utility were high priorities for the designers, and all of the bike’s useful features are colour-coordinated to match – from the chaincase and mudguards, to the optional accessories like the wicker basket and rear rack. Advantages
  • Comfortably wide handlebars and sprung saddle
  • Handy steering lock and stable bi-pod stand
  • Can be upgraded with a rear carrier
  • Choice of different styles
  • Even more relaxed cycling due to improved sitting position
  • Also available as an e-bike!
  Gazelle Miss Grace with 7-speed hub gears  –  £699

Our take on the Gazelle Miss Grace

Much like the Heavy Duty, the Gazelle Miss Grace is a solid all-rounder. Both models use the same frame, wheels, and gearing options, though they differ in a few ways. The differences are found in the colourways, as well as the fact that the Miss Grace is sold without a rear rack as standard. In the Netherlands it is quite popular to just use a front rack, and Gazelle have obviously latched on to this trend.

If you want to equip a matching rear carrier, then the Miss Grace is transformed into a serviceable cargo bike or family bike. Because of the generously wide handlebars and fat tyres, the bike is also able to accommodate a front-mounted baby seat exceptionally well. With the front rack still free free for cargo, the ability to carry two children + stuff all at once is quite a feat, and so this bike is seriously worth considering for family transport.

If you aren’t patient enough to wait for a Heavy Duty, or if you want a more exciting range of colours and styling options, then the Miss Grace is a fantastic alternative. Just as reliable as its sibling, but fair bit more fun and adventurous. That’s the philosophy of Miss Grace.

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