Gazelle Esprit
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Key features

The Gazelle Esprit

The Esprit C3 and Esprit C7 combine the best of both worlds. With modern styling and on-trend colours, these are proper Dutch city bikes. The Esprits are also extremely practical, lightweight, and designed for daily riding in all weather conditions. If you’re looking for a simple and reliable city bike, the Gazelle Esprit is an excellent entry-level option. Advantages
  • Low-maintenance, thanks to enclosed chain case
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • High-quality enclosed Shimano hub gears
  • Scratch-resistant paint
  • Extra resilient tyres with low rolling resistance
  • Full-length mudguards
  • Front and rear lights as standard
  The Gazelle Esprit 3-speed  –  £499 The Gazelle Esprit 7-speed  –  £599

Our take on the Gazelle Esprit

We tend to think of the Esprit as a simplified version of the magnificent Gazelle Orange. It has the same top-level build-quality that you’d expect, but fatter tyres and a more robust frame give it a sturdier ride.

Like all of our Dutch bikes, the Esprit has a fully-enclosed chaincase, hub gears, and comes complete with mudguards, rack, and ring lock. The Shimano hub dynamo powers the bike’s LED headlamp, while batteries power the integrated rear light. Through the extensive use of durable hardware, this bike can happily live outdoors. Clever features like Shimano’s IM45 rollerbrakes mean that is also well-adapted for year-round use.

The Esprit is a fantastic run-around; low-maintenance and easy to ride, it isn’t afraid of shopping trips or longer rides out in the countryside. It meets all of the essential criteria for a proper Dutch bike, and does so with a smooth-running style, simplicity, and elegance that is unique to Gazelle.

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