Gazelle CityGo C3 step-over
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Key features

The ultimate bike for urban use

The CityGo C3 was released in 2018 to build on Gazelle’s tremendously successful range of modern city bikes. With a robust frame, strong wheels, and internal cabling, the CityGo is built to withstand everything the urban environment throws at it. The design is so simple, reliable, and indestructible that it has been widely adopted as a rental bike in many Dutch cities. The CityGo C3 will get you to work, to the gym, and everywhere in between. It will easily hold a laptop and groceries on the sturdy rear carrier or in the front basket, which can be fitted as an accessory. The Gazelle CityGo C3 is a bomb-proof bike thanks to its integrated lights and dual locks. The ultimate urban commuter!


  • Dynamo lights are integrated into the frame, for optimum protection
  • Dual protection against theft: a free chain lock in addition to the frame lock
  • Headlamp and tail light are powered by the hub dynamo
  • Stow the chain link lock easily in its unique built-in case

Our take on the Gazelle CityGo C3 step-over

Keep it simple

Although it has modern features like hub gears and dynamo lights, the concepts that define the CityGo are ones of simplicity and utility. Quality components are used where they are necessary, but the overall price is kept low by not giving the bike features that it doesn’t need. For instance, comfort is provided by the fat tyres and wide saddle, and not by complicated suspension mechanisms. Likewise, the integrated lights are always on, meaning that a broken switch will never be a problem.

Easy rider

Life is complicated enough, and the CityGo is designed just to work well so you don’t have to worry. The ride is relaxed and intuitive, and it doesn’t require much effort as the aluminium frame makes efficient use of your energy. The bike comes in a large range of frame sizes, and the two-tone colourway is both subtle and stylish. The front carrier is useful for small items, but with a 5kg load capacity it definitely doesn’t turn the CityGo into a cargo bike!

All in all, the 3-speed CityGo is a basic bike, but a solid, modern, and reliable one that is built to last. Well done Gazelle, you made another winner!

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