Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMB
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Key features

Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMB The Chamonix range are Gazelle’s sporty bikes. They use lightweight components, and fat is trimmed from everywhere that it isn’t needed. With the Chamonix T10, the gear shifting is handled by a deraillieur and cassette system instead of an internal gear hub. This system not only saves weight, but also works wonders for the efficiency of the drive train. Nothing is compromised, however, and the Chamonix T10 HMB still has all of the practical accoutrements that you’d expect on a high-end electric bike from Gazelle. The Bosch Active Plus 3.0 motor is as quiet as it is powerful, and its reliability is second to none. Mudguards, lights, lock, kickstand, pannier rack, Schwalbe tyres, and ergonomic handlebar grips all as standard. Advantages
  • Lightweight construction for high performance
  • Silent support from the Bosch Active Plus 3.0 motor
  • Shimano Deore deraillieur and cassette
  • Choice of battery options
  • Class-winning electric hybrid bikes in AD cycling test
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes make sure that you can stop quickly and safely
  Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMB  –  from £2,299

Our take on the Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMB

The Chamonix T10 HMB is definitely our sportiest Gazelle electric bike. The ergonomic riding position extracts more energy from your pedalling than other models, and the Deore deraillieur gear set-up puts this energy to good use. The switch to a deraillieur system was carefully considered, and it was done to save weight and improve the bike’s efficiency. Even though we are usually big defenders of internal hub gears, we can assure you that it works extremely well on the Chamonix, and maintenance is also much simpler with a deraillieur set-up.

Even though it is a sporty ride, the Chamonix T10 HMB is from Gazelle’s trekking range. This means that it has all of the usual accoutrements that make Dutch bikes so fantastically useful. Mudguards, lock, self-powered lights, rear rack, kickstand, adjustable riding position… all of this comes as standard!

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