Gazelle Chamonix C8
From: £899.00

Key features

Gazelle Chamonix C8 – all rounder sports bike

Do you go on a sporty ride now and then in between your daily commutes? Then the Chamonix C8 is the ideal bike for you! Lightweight frame and wheelset make it agile, and the Nexus Premium gears can cope with a full day in the saddle. The Chamonix is a low-maintenance commuter in the week, but a comfortable countryside tourer at the weekends.



  • Integrated lightweight suspension front fork
  • One of our lightest urban bikes
  • Low-maintenance
  • Built in chain tensioner


Gazelle Chamonix C8  –  £899

Our take on the Gazelle Chamonix C8

The Chamonix is considered to be the ‘sporty’ model in Gazelle’s range of Dutch city bikes. It has lightweight rims and tyres, which give the wheels a lower rotational-mass, meaning that they can accelerate and decelerate quickly. This has a noticeable effect on the speed of the bike, and the Chamonix C8 is definitely nippier than other city models like the CityGo or the Esprit. As the Chamonix C8 is at the upper end of Gazelle’s range, it boasts nice features like headtube and seatpost suspension, as well as a very bright dynamo headlamp. One of the most discrete features of the bike is hidden inside the chaincase, wherein a chain-tensioner sits concealed. This is quite a revolutionary design innovation, and Gazelle have done well to incorporate it into the chaincase and thus not compromise the weatherproof-aspect of the bike. The chain-tensioner takes up slack as the chain inevitably stretches, and this removes one of the few maintenance requirements from an already very low-maintenance bike. The Chamonix might be considered to be the sporty model in Gazelle’s range, but that isn’t to say it lacks any of the comfort of an Orange, or the utility of a CityGo. It still has a Yepp Easy-Fit adapter in the rear rack, as well as the full length mudguards, light set, integrated lock, and wide kickstand that you’d expect as standard on any quality Dutch bike. In comparison with the C7, the C8 comes only in matte black, and it has upgraded brakes, and the substantially larger range of the Nexus 8-speed gear hub. The Chamonix C8 is a solid choice for the commuter or parent who needs a versatile and reliable all-rounder of a bike.

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