Butchers and Bicycles MK1-E
From: £5,799.00

Key features

The  Mk1-E is a fast, safe, and super easy to ride e-cargo bike with car-like comfort

The Mk1-E comes in three gearing configurations. They share the same patented BUILT TO TILT technology which makes it safe and super easy to ride compared to other trikes. The bike frame and box come in black or white. The cargo box can be supplied with or without a transparent front door for easy access for passengers.  

  • Perfect for Kids Having your passengers in front of you is great. Riding through the city or landscape is a thrilling open-air sensation. Something you can be sure will bring smiles to all faces.
  • Safe and Comfortable Because the MK1-E leans into the turns it’s both fast and safe at the same time. The 3-wheeler design makes the cargo bike stable to ride with children and the ability to lean into the curves makes it comfortable on uneven roads and while turning.
  • No Sweat to Ride When you’re going uphill, riding long distances, or bringing heavy loads you won’t even break a sweat. With the integrated, powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, you can turn the assistance up or down as needed.
  • See it to believe it An electric cargo trike that tilts is a revolutionary concept, combining the best of two worlds - the dynamic cornering of a bicycle coupled with the stability and control of a tricycle. The unique design challenges concepts about what is possible, and it breaks new ground in a brilliant new way. Book a test ride and see for yourself!

Our take on the Butchers and Bicycles MK1-E

The Butchers & Bicycles e-trike is practical and safe, and also fun for kids and parents. It has incorporated big and small ideas with elegant details throughout. The build quality is uncompromising,  and you certainly feel this quality when riding. Elements of the bicycle are adaptable so that the vehicle can perform different functions over time. The in-house design team is certainly making it much easier for families to transition from cars to bikes. This is one of those rare e-bikes that pioneers a new way of doing things, and we are especially very impressed with the handling and styling. There are some small areas that we would consider upgrading in the long run (such as the stock saddle + pedals), but these are very small components that are easy/inexpensive to swap and change. All in all, the Butchers & Bicycles electric family trike is well worth the hype. It is a rare and special thing when a company challenges accepted design concepts, and in this case the result is a unique and revolutionary trike that is as tough and reliable as it is handsome. No small surprise that they won a Danish Design award in 2020!

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black or white frame and black or white box (any combination is possible)
Frame material
Schwalbe Big Ben Plus
Alexrims double-walled aluminium alloy, black anodized
derailleur, enviolo, or automatic
powered by the main battery
Belt drive
with enviolo gearing options
Bosch Performance CX (75Nm)
500Wh frame-type as standard
Child pack
Flat Cover
Glove Box
Box Door
Hard Top
Rear carrier
Supernova lights
optional upgrade
Belt drive
optional with enviolo gearing configurations