NuVinci CVT Hub, hub gears, gear ratio, bicycle gears

Fallbrook Technologies broke new ground when they released their original hub gear in 2007; the NuVinci Optimized Drivetrain was the first commercially available continuously variable transmission (CVT) for bicycles, and it promised to revolutionise the way that we shift gears. Three years later, and following some considerable design improvements, NuVinci released their N360 model, which is a smaller, lighter, and significantly more efficient than its predecessor. The ‘360’ in the name refers to the overall gear range of the hub, and places it ahead of similarly priced competitors in this respect.

nuvinciWhat is unique about the NuVinci hubs is the way in which they reinvent shifting by making use of continuously variable planetary transmission systems. These transmission systems provide a smooth and continuous progression from one ratio to another, with no abrupt changes or faltering gear engagements. Unlike conventional transmissions that have a fixed number of gear ratios, a continuously variable drivetrain has an unlimited number of ratios within its range.

Also in contrast to mechanically complex conventional internally geared hubs, the NuVinci hubs are very simple; they are easy to use, virtually maintenance free, and they can withstand the high torque levels associated with e-bike drivetrains.

Nuvinci-360-londonMain advantages of the NuVinci N360 system:

  • Smooth, Seamless Shifting – no steps, no gaps, no hesitations, no missed gears, no dropped chains. Just smooth, continuous shifting that’s as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio.
  • Wide 360% Range – with an “infinite” number of ratios in its range, you’re always able to find the right ratio.
  • Smooth Shifting Under Force – shift any time, in practically any condition, even under high pedal force.
  • Quiet Operation – smooth, responsive, dependable, and without noise.
  • Maintenance Free – no regular service or adjustments necessary.
  • Perfect for e-Bikes – easy shifting means you’ll manage power better, increase range, extend battery life, and reduce wear to motor and drivetrain components.