The Nantucket Bike Basket Co. specialises in unique, hand-crafted baskets for you and your bicycle.

Made from high-quality materials, and using weaving techniques intended for durability, these bicycle baskets are built to last. Whether you’re riding to the beach, the shops, or to work, a Nantucket Basket will get you and your essentials there in style!

Most bicycle baskets are woven using the same technique as for decorative baskets. However, the decorative weave is not appropriate for bicycle baskets, which need to be stronger and more resilient. 

The everyday wear-and-tear, as well as the inevitable exposure to the elements on these bike baskets necessitate that they be woven using a tougher, stronger technique. Because of their unique rolled rim weave, Nantucket bike baskets will hold up to the demands of everyday use. With these rolled rims, you do not see a beginning or an end to the weave, and this allows the rim to stay intact rather than unravelling as you find with many other bicycle baskets.

Nantucket bicycle baskets really complement the aesthetic of many (if not most) of our more traditionally styled Dutch bikes. The ubiquitous omafiets hardly seems complete without a basket on the front, and a bunch of flowers can transform the whole look.


Rattan baskets and Dutch bicycles, a natural aesthetic harmony

Front handlebars or rear rack? Natural rattan or wire? Leather straps or simple hooks? Browse through our Nantucket Baskets and find your bike’s perfect match!

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