Busch & Müller is the leading brand for bicycle lighting. Ground breaking innovations such as standlights, IQ light technologies, daytime running lights, and much more all originate here. The production facility of the family-owned enterprise has always been in Meinerzhagen (Germany), from its founding in 1925 up to the present day. Although we are, of course, a Dutch bicycle specialist, there is no point in denying that the Germans have the edge when it comes to lighting technology, and it for this reason that we are more than happy to stock their products.

Anybody who has ever cycled at night will be aware of the importance of a good set of lights. However, conventional technologies are inefficient, and thus don’t make optimum use of their power. Busch & Müller’s patented IQ-TEC lights have at their core the revolutionary idea not to have the LED light source in the centre of the reflector. As is illustrated below, the complete reflective surface of an IQ lamp is used to focus and guide the light. If you look into the reflector of an IQ headlight, you can only see the metallic surface of the reflector. Once the headlight is turned on, what takes its place is the “nothing but light” phenomenon, which provides a substantial and even spread of light that can be directed to precisely where it is needed.


The video and diagram below illustrate another well-considered and original innovation known as BrakeTec. Cars and other motor vehicles have brake lights to let other road users know when they are slowing down. Because it is a useful safety feature, the brains at Busch & Müller found a simple way to make bicycle lights behave in a similar way, i.e. to get brighter when you are slowing down. A processor inside BrakeTec lights monitors the electrical current that is generated by the bike’s dynamo; when the current begins to drop, the light knows that you must be slowing down, and so it uses stored energy to make itself brighter, thus functioning reliably as a rear brake light. Genius!