AXA make locks. Really secure locks.

Even in a city like Amsterdam, if your bike has an AXA lock then thieves will probably just leave it alone and go and find something easier to break. Ring locks (or frame locks) are AXA’s speciality, and the idea behind them is a simple one: integrate a small, lightweight, and uncompromisingly strong lock into the bike’s frame to totally immobilise the bike whenever the key is removed. For extra security, the locking mechanism on newer models can also be used with a cable or chain so that the bicycle can be secured to a rack, rail, or lamppost.

  • The Defender and the Solid Plus are our ring locks of choice, and they both receive top marks in AXA’s in-house security tests.
  • Although it works perfectly well on its own, the fact that the Defender can accommodate a chain or cable lock makes it more versatile than AXA’s other models. This level of functionality also gives it considerable weight-saving advantages over other options, without compromising on security.
  • Replacement keys for the AXA Defender can be ordered via AXA’s easy to use online service.
  • The AXA Defender is resistant to drill attacks, as well as to attacks from even the biggest, baddest bolt cutters. Because the unit is fitted to the bike’s frame, it takes considerable effort to even access it with cutting tools, making it one of the most stubborn types of lock to try to break. After many hours of testing, only a sustained attack with a high-powered angle grinder was enough to finally get through the hardened steel. Needless to say, we were impressed!
  • A carefully considered safety feature of the Defender is the fact that the key must be slightly turned in order to active the ring lock mechanism. This simple feature means that (child) passengers on the rear rack will not inadvertently active the lock while you are riding.

AXA make a huge range of products spanning from the basic models to the high-security locks. At the Flying Dutchman, we believe that quality security products are needed in our modern cities, and so this is why we stock only the top of the range products made by AXA. These products are tested to the British Sold Secure Standards – Sold Secure being the recognised lock testing facility in the UK which supplies data to commercial customers, the insurance industry, The Home Office, the Police and the public. Sold Secure security devices are so respected in the industry that using one can reduce the cost of insuring your bicycle.