WorkCycles Fr8 Universal

The Fr8 (pr. ‘Freight’) is a modular, heavy-duty transport bike, designed and built by the WorkCycles team in Amsterdam.
It is one of our most versatile bikes, and so alongside its City Configuration, it also comes in a Cargo Configuration, and a Family Configuration. More information about the bike’s many distinctive features and applications can be found on our blog.

As a city bike, the Fr8 stands out for its practical good-looks, comfortable riding style, and its shareability. Let’s examine these in turn –

– Practical good-looks: By this we mean that neat features like the mudguards and racks can actually be matched to your bike’s colour scheme. Unlike so many hopelessly incongruous aftermarket components, the WorkCycles modular system means that all of its parts are purpose-built, and so complement the bike’s overall aesthetic, rather than compromise it.

– Comfortable riding style: Sit-up-and-beg bikes are enjoying a revival at the moment, and it’s no wonder why: after years of yoga-like contortion aboard our sports-oriented bicycles, commuters are finally coming round to the idea that speed isn’t everything. Sitting upright not only encourages better posture, but it gives you a better view of the traffic as well. Combine this with the slightly reduced riding speeds and you’ve got yourself a bike with built-in safety features.

– Shareability: I hope that the Oxford English Dictionary will forgive me for inventing a word, but in this case it is warranted. The WorkCycles patented Adaptive Seat Tube technology means that the same bike can be quickly adjusted to fit riders from ~160cm right up to 200cm! This means that one bike could be shared by a family, or an office, or even be used as a rental.

Additionally, nifty features such as the ingenious ‘Escape Hatch’ make it easy to replace things like the rear tyre, inner tube, or rollerbrake without opening the chaincase or having to adjusting any of the Fr8’s more fiddly parts. Moreover, the enclosed gears, brakes, and drivetrain keep all of the bike’s more sensitive components well protected from the weather, meaning that you can more or less forget about maintenance and just enjoy years of reliable service.

From the rust protected 4130 chromoly frame to the specially made wheels and super fat tyres, this bike is about as bomb-proof as it gets; in our experience, there really is no bike even close to as tough as the Fr8.


  • Commuting
  • Shopping
  • Errands/general utility
  • Child transport

Load Capacity

  • Total of about 250kg

Technical Specifications 

  • Adaptive Seat Tube‘ adjustable for riders 160-200cm
  • TIG welded Chromoly frame and fork
  • Tough powdercoat ensures protection from rust
  • Ultra strong wheels with 13g stainless steel spokes
  • Schwalbe Big Ben tyres with Kevlar antiflat technology
  • Reliable Shimano front roller brake
  • LED lighting system powered by hub dynamo
  • Full chaincase to protect the drivetrain for minimal maintenance
  • Stainless steel mudguards, polished or powdercoated
  • All hardware (including stem and handlebar) is stainless steel

Configuration options
The versatility of the Fr8 knows no bounds, and so there really are too many options to mention. Below are some examples that might be recommended for a city bike…

  • Medium or long rear rack
  • A set of Clarijs panniers to increase the bike’s utility
  • Smaller city front rack
  • Hebie bipod stand and steering stabiliser
  • Custom, laser-cut nameplate on frame
  • Gearing can be single speed, 2-speed, 3-speed, 8-speed, or use the NuVinci CVT system
  • Custom colours (from the RAL range) on all painted parts
  • This bike can easily and discretely be converted into an e-bike. Find out more about Schachner MM15 Brushless Mid-Mounted Motor by clicking here.

Prices starting from: £  930

For some more information see:
Pricing Sheet for WorkCycles Fr8 – 2016

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