Flying Priestess

The Flying Priestess is particularly versatile, and so it appears in both our City Bike and Cargo Bike categories. The little-known reason for the bike’s unique cross-frame is that it was originally designed to accommodate a Dutch priest’s cassocks, thus allowing him to cycle around his parish without fear of indignity.

However, what began as a simple modesty-preserving alteration was soon found to have a number of unexpected benefits. Aside from its unique aesthetic appeal, the criss-crossed design gives the bike a stronger, stiffer frame, making it an ideal choice for taller riders and heavy use. The geometry of the frame also encourages a very comfortable and upright riding position, and the lowered step-over height makes mounting considerably easier. All of these advantages translate directly from the gents’ to the ladies’ version of this bike, and so the Priestess is a strong choice if you’re looking for a bike that’s tough, elegant, and unique, all in equal measure.

Each frame is hand-brazed, and through the extensive use of stainless steel hardware, anti-corrosion primers and powdercoats, and a trademark dose of the Flying Dutchman’s attention to detail, each and every Flying Priestess is made into an authentic and reliable workhorse, built for maximum utility.



  • Shopping, commuting, parental duties, general errands, medium-heavy cargo schlepping, riding to church on Sunday…


  • 49cm
  • 55cm
  • 61cm (matte black only)
  • 67cm (matte black only)


  • Shiny black
  • Matte black
  • Cargo blue


Load Capacity

  • 50kg on the rear rack
  • 30kg on the optional front rack


Technical Specifications

  • Enclosed chaincase for low maintenance
  • Shimano hub dynamo
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Super strong rear rack
  • Hand-operated Shimano IM80 front rollerbrake
  • Lugged and hand-brazed oversized steel frame
  • Zinc carbonate primer and damage resistant powdercoat on the frame and mudguards


Configuration options

  • This bike comes in 8 standard configurations. For more details see Pricing Sheet for Flying Priestess
  • Single speed, 3-speed, or 7-speed gearing
  • Rear brake: Coaster or Shimano IM80 rollerbrake
  • Frame-mounted, removable front rack
  • Coatguards
  • Rear wheel ring lock (high security)
  • Hebie bipod kickstand (with steering stabiliser)
  • Classic Ding-Dong bicycle bell
  • Brooks saddle and handlebar grips upgrade
  • Über bright Busch and Müller LED lights
  • Schwalbe Marathon (black) or Delta Cruiser (cream) tyres
  • For more options, see our Accessories Boutique
  • This bike can easily and discretely be converted into an e-bike. Find out more about our electric upgrade options
  • Bicycle can be blessed by a religious leader of your choice

Prices starting from: £600


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 N.B. A gents version of this bike is also available