Custom options for Pilen Lyx explained

The Pilen Lyx is a standardised package that gives you a choice of:

  • Your bike’s frame colour
  • The colour of your Brooks B66 saddle
  • Your bike’s gearing and braking configuration
  • However, the mudguards and rear rack are always black

In order to improve upon this basic package, Pilen have created the Lyx Special! This bike has the same Technical Specifications and the same options as the standard Lyx, but with the Lyx Special you can also choose:

  • The colour of your mudguards and rear rack
  • The colour of tyres (black, brown, cream)
  • The handlebar grips and Brooks saddle are customisable
  • A different type of bell
  • A more advanced front light
  • Silver or black rims
  • An upgraded kickstand
  • A versatile front carrier

In this way, you can see that the Pilen Special is not really an original concept, but rather simply a customised Lyx. You start with the Lyx model’s frame and fork, and from there you can choose colours and components packages to suit your preferences and tastes. Bikes with a uniform colour are often finished off with white or brown tyres to really set them apart! In more detail than the list above, you can choose:

  • Bicycles in single colours: Cream White RAL 1015, Red RAL 3004, Blue RAL 5001, Dark Green RAL 6005, Pink RAL 3015, Durablue, Duragreen, Durared, or Durablack.
  • Standard black or silver aluminium rims with either black or brown Schwalbe Big Apple or white Schwalbe Fat Frank tyres.
  • Mudguards in hand-polished stainless steel. N.B. needs polishing once in a while for that extra shine.
  • Beautiful and resonant bells – even hand painted – from Japanese manufacturer Crane Bells.
  • Stems model Technomic NTC-225 from well-known Japanese manufacturer Nitto.
  • Leather or Cork grips from Finnish craftsman Herrmans Oy.
  • You can choose from a range of Brooks saddles, including the B-17, the B-17 Special, the B17 Imperial, and the Brooks Flyer.
  • The upgraded kickstand is the Atran Moove Double Centre Stand. We recommend this stand for bikes that frequently carry heavy loads on the carrier, or when you have a child seat and need extra stability. Bi-pod stands reduce the risk of the bicycle falling over.