Gazelle Paris C7 – Step-over frame

The Gazelle Paris C7 offers truly incredible value for money.

For starters, it’s a Gazelle, so you know that it’s going to benefit from the same unrivalled warranty, the same high quality paint, and the same superlative level of design as every other Gazelle bike.

The Paris C7 also has the whole host of features that you’d expect to find on a premium Dutch bike, but at the price of something far more budget. Seven-speed Nexus hub gears, hand-operated rollerbrakes, and a hub dynamo all from Shimano are the bread-and-butter of the Gazelle Paris C7. Also included in the price are things like the rear carrier, the mudguards, the coat guards, the ringlock, the lights, and the kickstand.

Dutch bikes are generally sought after because they come as a ‘complete package’ for the utility rider; however, no one can come close to matching Gazelle when it comes to offering such a comprehensive package at such a low price point without cutting any corners – the tyres are even made by Continental! Undoubtedly, the Gazelle Paris C7 really is quite outstanding when considered from this perspective.

Nice additional features include the cleverly built-in Easy-Fit window for Yepp Maxi childseats, and the extremely adjustable stem that allows you to position the handlebars in exactly the right place.

As with all of our bikes, the hardware is stainless steel, and the bike is well-adapted for year-round storage outdoors.

Sizes for the Gazelle Paris C7 and C7+

  • 49cm (C7+ only)
  • 53cm
  • 57cm
  • 61cm
  • 65cm


  • Window grey and premium white for the C7
  • Water Blue or Royal Silver for the C7+

Technical Specifications

  • Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gears
  • Shimano hand-operated rollerbrakes, front + rear
  • Dynamo-powered headlamp
  • Integrated, battery-powered rear light
  • Sturdy rear rack
  • Mudguards, chaincase, kickstand all included

Configuration options

  • Rigid forks on the Paris C7, or…
  • Front fork + seatpost suspension on the Paris C7+

Prices including VAT:
Gazelle Paris C7 £599.00
Gazelle Paris C7+ (i.e. with suspension) £649

Gazelle mens bike Gazelle mens bike
  • Gazelle Paris C7
  • Gazelle Paris C7+
  • Brooks Saddle Cambium London
  • Ergon ergonomic handlebar grips
  • Ergon pedals London comfortable non-slip
  • strong bike lock ABUS Bordo
  • waterproof cycle bags
  • Brooks panniers cycle bags
  • dynamo light bike busch & muller london
  • dynamo light london
  • handlebar phone holder london

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