Gazelle Orange – Step-through frame

If you understand how important the colour orange is to the Dutch, you will begin to appreciate how special and close to their hearts is the bike that gets given this name.

On their website they simply describe it as a ‘Comfortable City Bike’, but the Orange series is so, so much more than this.

While it is indeed comfortable (and yes, it could be put to good use in the city), Gazelle fail to mention that the Orange is their best-selling model, and that there are a number of good reasons why this is the case.

First of all, it comes in a plethora of different configurations depending upon what kind of brakes/gears/electric system you want. Anything from Nexus to NuVinci, from Shimano rollerbrake to Magura hydraulic, and from Panasonic hub to Bosch mid-motor; it’s all possible with the Orange!

Unusually for a Dutch bike, the Gazelle Orange is available with some pretty decent front suspension forks, as well as seatpost suspension (both of which contribute considerably to the rider’s comfort).

Some of the more premium models also come with a remarkably adjustable stem and handlebar set up, allowing the riding position to be changed without the need for tools.

Additionally, some of the Orange models come with an automatic chain-tensioner built in to the fully-enclosed chaincase – an invention that removes one of the only maintenance requirements associated with Dutch bikes. Only a manufacturer with tremendous resources could develop and implement technological advances like these, and it is precisely such innovations that keep Gazelle ahead of the game.



  • 49cm
  • 53cm
  • 57cm
  • 61cm


  • Bright aluminium (C7)
  • Eclipse black (C8)
  • Grace silver (C8)

Technical Specifications

  • Dependant on configuration package

Configuration options

  • Nexus 7 or 8 speed, or NuVinci CVT
  • Roller brakes or Magura hydraulics
  • Rigid forks or front + seatpost suspension
  • Panasonic hub, or Bosch/Impulse mid-motor

Prices starting from: £649.00

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