The Original Dutch Bike
(a.k.a. The Classy Grandma)

True class never goes out of style, and nowhere is this better exemplified than in this quintessential Dutch bike. The design of this frame has hardly changed since it first appeared around 125 years ago, and why would it? The riding position is comfortable, the step-over height is low, the weight is distributed evenly, and the wheelbase is luxuriously ideal.

As with almost every Dutch bike, battery-powered LED lighting comes as standard, meaning that you don’t have to shop around for an after market set. Buying components like lights, racks, mudguards, and locks as part of the complete package helps to keep our costs down, and these are savings that are passed on to you.

Enclosed gears, brakes, and drivetrain are key features of any Dutch bike, and they help to keep all of the more delicate components protected from the weather. This means that you can more or less forget about maintenance and just enjoy years of reliable service.

Travel to any Dutch city and the majority of the bikes that you find will be variations on this classic ‘omafiets’ theme. A nation of discerning bike riders undoubtedly knows what’s good for them! Although to the British eye it might look like a ladies Dutch bike, the traditional omafiets is used by men and women in the Netherlands – the low step-over frame is comfortable for everyone ūüôā


  • 50cm

Load Capacity

  • Rear rack: 50kg


  • Shiny black

Technical Specifications

  • Selle Royal Comfort saddle
  • LED lights, front and rear
  • Classic steel frame tubes
  • Rear rack with integrated parking stand
  • Shimano 3-speed hub gears and rollerbrakes
  • Abus Security lock

Configuration options

  • Clarijs panniers
  • Brooks B67s Aged leather saddle
  • Steco front rack
  • Tyre-driven bottle dynamo

Dutch bikes special offers discount



£ 440 (excluding Brooks Aged B67s saddle)
£ 500 (including Brooks Aged B67s saddle)
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