Gazelle Heavy Duty – Step-over frame

The Heavy-Duty is Gazelle’s cargo bike. It is unashamedly large, unpretentiously styled, and clearly built for a tough life.

The Heavy Duty’s frame is made from aluminium, and in order to give the strength and rigidity of a cargo bike, the tubes are oversized and quite chunky looking. Fat tyres absorb bumps, and the huge Selle Royal saddle makes sure that you are scarcely even aware of them. The front and rear racks are built to proper Dutch standards, so the bike is always equipped to carry just about anything.

In addition to its front and rear racks, the Gazelle Heavy Duty includes three key adaptations that make it a formidable cargo bike; these include, the Ursus Jumbo bi-pod kickstand, the wide handlebars (for control), and the steering lock (which prevents the bike from tipping while it’s being loaded).

Interestingly, the adaptations that make the Gazelle Heavy Duty a good cargo bike also make it a very competent family bike as well. The bike’s designers obviously knew that this would be the case, as they thoughtfully included an Yepp Easy-Fit adaptor for a Yepp Maxi childseat in the rear carrier. The super wide kickstand makes the bike stable when the kids are on board, and the front rack provides a useful cargo bay when the rear rack is occupied – brilliant!

In terms of its credentials as a ‘cool, Dutch bike’, the Gazelle Heavy Duty features prominently in this brilliantly cheesy music video.

All in all, the Gazelle Heavy Duty is a formidable cargo bike, family bike, or ‘ready for anything’ city bike; as adept at carrying kids and shopping as it is at casual cruising and carrying crates of beer. Needless to say, it’s a great Dutch bike, and we love it.


  • 54cm
  • 59cm


  • Black (with brown features)
  • Just Grey

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamo-powered LED headlight
  • Super comfy Selle Royal saddle
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Aluminium frame
  • Front and rear racks
  • Shimano 3-speed or 7-speed hub gears
  • Ursus Jumbo super-wide bi-pod stand
  • Steering lock for easy-loading
  • Yepp Maxi Easy-Fit slot in rear carrier

Prices including VAT:
Gazelle Heavy Duty 3-speed  £649.00

Gazelle Heavy Duty 7-speed  £729.00

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