Dutch Cargo Bikes

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WorkCycles Fr8 Universal

Probably our most versatile bike, the Fr8 can carry an astonishing 250kg and be adjusted to fit any rider – this is one useful bicycle!
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WorkCycles Fr8 Cross-frame

The cross-frame version of the Fr8 is designed for taller riders, but can still make use of the full range of accessories and components.
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Gazelle Heavy Duty – Step-over

The Heavy Duty is Gazelle’s cargo bike. Equipped with well-refined adaptations, this aluminium cargo bike punches above its weight.
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WorkCycles Gr8

The Gr8 could be thought of as the little brother of the mighty Fr8.
Still super tough in its own right, just lighter and more compact.
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Gazelle Heavy Duty – Step-through

Gazelle’s Heavy Duty is a do-everything cargo bike that’s both practical and comfortable.
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Flying Priest

The unique frame design has an intriguing history, but also gives the bike huge and uncompromising load-carrying ability. Amen to that!
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Flying Priestess

As elegant and distinguished as she is tough and rugged. Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the incomparable Flying Priestess.
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BSP Metropolis + Double-tube

The step-over version of the award-winning Dutch city bike. Looks like a tank, rides like a cloud.
Gazelle Dutch bike

Gazelle Puur_NL – Step-through

Award-winning city bike that hits the nail on the head in every department. Top value for money.
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Flying Gentleman

Carry cargo without compromising on style – this is the aim of the Flying Gentleman! Super strong racks on a traditional frame.
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Long John XL

The flatbed loader of the bike world. From the ground up, the Long John was built with cargo in mind, and is capable of handling some seriously massive loads.