Urban Arrow Family Bike

“The world’s first two-wheeled electric car”

The Urban Arrow team really went back to the drawing board when designing the family-friendly incarnation of their superb cargo bike. The traditional combination of a steel frame and a wooden box are relegated in favour of lighter aluminium frame and tougher EPP box* – all in the name of bringing the bakfiets into the 21st century.

Although it can come in a non-electric format, the electric version of the Urban Arrow is the one we’d recommend for London. With the frame designed around the exceptional Bosch mid-motor, the boosted output gives you all the oomph you could possibly wish for. In hill tests over and around Hampstead and Highgate, the Urban Arrow exceeded our expectations, even when loaded. Working harmoniously with the smooth-shifting NuVinci 380 hub gears, even the longest of climbs was hardly a challenge.

But what goes up must come down, and so Urban Arrow offer a choice of braking options: either Shimano’s ever-reliable IM81 rollerbrakes (for the flat-landers), or the effortlessly powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (for those of us who ride on more varied terrain).

Additionally, a fully-enclosed chain-glider keeps the chain protected from the elements, thus prolonging the life of the entire drive train. Super bright LED lights come as standard, and can be powered either by a hub dynamo, or linked directly to the bike’s battery in the case of the electric model. The Urban Arrow’s tyres are the ‘PLUS’ version of Schwalbe’s high-volume Big Apples – this means that they benefit from an even higher level of puncture resistance than the standard rubber. A large and resonant ding-dong bell is probably the only classic feature on this otherwise exceptionally modern cargo bike.

The bi-pod kickstand and three-point seatbelts are highly refined, and quite possibly the best that we’ve ever tested. Though they may be small features in themselves, the fact that they are well-considered and well-executed means that the bike will be easier and nicer to use on a day-to-day basis. Countless pleasing design details like these can be found everywhere on the Urban Arrow.

Top quality family transporters are the trademark stamp of the Dutch bicycle industry, and the Urban Arrow Family Bike is very much the jewel in the crown of this particular industry. If you’re serious about doing away with the car for school-runs and shopping trips, this two-wheeled electric car could be just the ticket.

*Expanded polypropylene foam (or EPP) is also used in the manufacture of high-quality helmets – strong and very light!


  • One size fits all; from small to tall, this bike is universal

Load Capacity

  • 100kg in the box
  • 30kg on the optional rear carrier


  • The frame can be either black or white
  • The EPP box is black, but custom stickers can be ordered to liven it up!

Technical Specifications

  • Selle Royal gel saddle
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Large (80mm) ding-dong bell
  • Schwalbe Big Apple PLUS tyres
  • Mounted LED lights by Spanninga
  • Choice of Shimano Nexus 8-Speed or NuVinci CVT gears (no messing around!)

Configuration options

Prices starting from: £4000

For more information see:
Urban Arrow Family Pricing Sheet – 2019

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