Long John XL

We really missed a trick with this bike – given that we’re the Flying Dutchman, we really ought to have called this one the ‘Long John Silver’.

Get it? Pirates? No? Oh well…

Frivolity aside, the Long John is a serious piece of kit. Once you get over the unapologetically utilitarian styling, you can begin to appreciate the underlying majesty of this bike. In the same way that a super-tanker is impressive in virtue of its size, the Long John just comes across as wonderfully… well, long!
It seems larger than life at first, but owing to its surprisingly conventional ride and nimble handling, it quickly grows on you.

The loading bay is enormous, and can easily shift four Euronorm (60 x 40 x 27) crates. Adding a crank-drive electric assist motor to the Long John will extend your speed, range, and carrying ability, so if you are considering this bike for commercial purposes then it might be worth bearing in mind.

Enclosed gears, brakes, and drivetrain keep all of the bike’s more delicate components protected from the weather, meaning that you can pretty much forget about maintenance and just enjoy years of reliable service.

Load Capacity

  • Approximately 100kg up front
  • Somewhere between 20-40kg on the rear
    (depending on which rack you choose)


  • One size fits all


  • Any colour you like, so long as it’s black!
    (Really though, this bike only comes in black)

Technical Specifications 

  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres
  • Shimano hub dynamo
  • Hand-operated rollerbrakes
  • Unpainted mudguards
  • Extra wide and super strong parking stand
  • Stainless steel hardware (including stem and handlebars)

Configuration options

  • 7-speed, 8-speed, or equipped with the NuVinci CVT
  • Shimano IM80 and IM81 rollerbrakes, as well as Magura hydraulic V-brakes are all upgrade options for the Long John
  • Axa rear wheel lock with 1.4m plug-in chain
  • Busch and Müller lights can run off the dynamo
  • Brooks aged saddle and handlebar grips
  • Harmony system for the NuVinci hub
  • For more options, see our Accessories Boutique
  • This bike easily and discretely be made into an e-bike. Read more about our electric upgrade options
  • For more details see Pricing Sheet for Long John XL

Prices starting from: £ 1,870.08

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