Dolly Bike

“A cargo bike shouldn’t and needn’t be more difficult to ride than a traditional city mom bike”

The Dolly cargo bike is supposedly so-called because it is a clone of all the best bakfietsen on the market. By cherry-picking only the most brilliant design ideas from a range of established manufacturers, the engineers behind the Dolly have created something unique and original in its own right: the perfect distillation of cargo bike design!

Manufactured and assembled in Holland, the Dolly is founded on a strong cargo-biking tradition. The frame is available in six colours, each of which is applied as part of a 3-layer powder coating process. Instead of being made from plywood, the box is made from double-walled plastic, radically reducing the bike’s weight while improving the box’s durability. Additionally, all of the hardware on the bike is stainless steel, and the chain, gears, and brakes are all entirely enclosed to protect them from the elements. The Dolly’s wheels make use of thick Sapim spokes laced into Rigida’s exceptionally strong Big Bull rims.

As traditionalists, we were apprehensive about testing a bakfiets with a plastic box – we expected it to feel flimsy and somehow inferior to the bikes that we’re used to. However, it didn’t take long for us to realise that the Dolly’s designers were on to something, and the bike’s light weight combined with its stiff frame to create a remarkable agile and enjoyable ride. The handling was up there with the best of them, and needless to say, we were impressed. The Dolly is one of those rare bikes that simply gets the formula right: weight, handling, components, styling – we really like it, and we’re proud to have it in the shop.


One size fits all!


Technical Specifications

  • Enclosed chain, gears, and brakes for low maintenance
  • Thick sapim spokes laced into Rigida Big Bull rims
  • ART approved ringlock for the rear wheel
  • Forged aluminium crankset
  • Extra wide, heavy-duty parking stand
  • Stainless steel hardware used throughout


Dolly e-Drive specifications:

– Powerful Li-Ion battery 36v – 13Ah
– Brushless Motor – 250 Watt
– Range average of 50 – 80km
– 6 support levels with walk-assist
– Axle nuts with aluminium sealing caps
– Front wheel drive with Shimano rollerbrake
– Battery neatly concealed in the box


Configuration options

  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres
  • Hub dynamo
  • Rear rack
  • Box cover
  • Rain tent
  • Second bench
  • Ventisit cushion for the bench
  • Rear rack
  • Electric-assist
  • Maxi-Cosi holder


Prices starting from: £ 1800

For more details see PRICING SHEET for DOLLY Family bike 2017 autumn

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