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Accept no imitations! This is the original Dutch bakfiets, designed in the Netherlands by Maarten van Andel.

Thanks to its low centre of gravity and rigid momtube construction, this bike is capable of carrying heavy and bulky cargo with reassuring stability. It can also be used for the school run, and can carry up to four children in the strong marine-plywood box.

Because it has two wheels and is only as wide as it’s handlebars, the bakfiets glides through traffic just as easily as any other bike. This is the key advantage of the two-wheeled bakfiets over three-wheeler cargo bikes. Other advantages include better cornering, easier parking and manoeuvring, faster riding, better hill-climbing, lighter weight, and greater versatility.

It is a common misconception that two-wheeled bikes are less stable than three-wheeled trikes; anyone who has tried both, and compared them side-by-side, will easily be able to see that trikes are naturally less stable in the corners due to their inability to lean in to the turn. For this reason, the fact that the design has been replicated by many other manufacturers is a testament to its brilliance!

Because the cargo bike has been around for such a long time, developers have produced a tremendous range of accessories to suit all manner of needs. The has more rain tent options than any other cargo bike, and can be adapted for a wide variety of uses. For instance, if you wanted to carry dogs instead of children, there is even a special dog tent!

Load Capacity

  • 80kg in the box, and a further 40kg on the rear rack


  • One size fits all!


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Orange

Configuration options

Prices starting from: £  1,631.28


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