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Happy Customers

We have been open for nearly 3 months now, and in that time we have provided bikes and services for a number of wonderful people. Some of our new friends were even kind enough to pose for photographs with their steeds, and so we wanted to share these pictures to celebrate the proliferation of Dutch cycling in London.
  How appropriate that our very first customer should be a Dutchman. Before we even had a shop premises, this guy got in touch to order his WorkCycles cross-frame Fr8. We owe him a massive debt of gratitude, because he even helped us to paint the shop in his spare time!
The Onderwater tandem is a uniquely wonderful family transporter, and no one could sing its praises more highly than this awesome mum. Installing a substantial front rack on this bike was an interesting challenge, but one that has doubled the bike’s utility as she crosses town with her brood. What lucky kids!
Because of its versatility, the BSP Barista has been a staple of our shop since we opened. This bike can be adapted for a number of uses, and here we can see it adapted for school-run duties; a collapsible box at the front (for luggage), a wide bi-pod stand in the middle (for extra stability), and a Qibbel Junior seat on the rear (for a young passenger).  
One of the 2015 ‘specials’ by BSP was the 3-speed Havana. Seen here complete with a heavy duty Kerri crate on the front rack, and a set of superb Clarijs waterproof panniers on the rear.
Another Autumn ‘special’ was this classic opafiets by Eendracht. The taller-than-average gentleman customer wanted something sleek and practical for trips around town, and nursery-run duties. Upgrades to this bike included a Hessling chaincase, a Brooks B67, an Ursus Jumbo kickstand, a childseat, and a Bobike saddle-spring cover.
It’s hard to imagine how child-portage could be made any more fun than with a WorkCycles Kr8. This cargo bike can be adapted to fit children of all ages; from Maxi-Cosi days, right up until they’re ready to leave for university!
When not being used for carrying young passengers, the Kr8 boasts one of the biggest bakfiets boxes out there; with a load-capacity in excess of 80kg, it is equipped for just about anything that life throws at it… including an extra-large Christmas tree (miraculously held by a single bungee)!
Discerning Continental customers constitute the considerable majority of our clientele. This Dutch lady told us exactly what she wanted from her omafiets, and we were more than happy to oblige. 
Another Dutch lady, but this time one with very particular cargo. Her Flying Priestess was custom-built with the patented Azor frame-mounted front rack (for the family’s four-legged member), and an extra strong rear rack suitable for an older child.
Here we have a German gentleman, who was exceptionally pleased with the classic cream tyre + black paint combination on his Fr8. The long rear rack is one of our favorite WorkCycles features.


School-runs used to be a bother for these two boys, but not any more! Since the family switched from car to Kr8, these trips are not only more appealing, but actually considerably quicker now that they no longer need to circle the block looking for a parking spot. Also, you know that feeling when you love your bike so much that you want to stand in it and eat your lunch with your brother? Yeah, that!

  The Universal Frame Fr8 is no less strong than is cross-framed sibling. However, this model has the advantage of being better-adapted for sharing between partners; with its quick-release seat post and low step-over height, this bike probably our best all-rounder.
Before she decided to place an order for a WorkCycles Kr8, this mum wanted to see just how much assistance she could expect from the bike’s electric motor. Her kids were at school, so Harry had to ride with her to the nearest steep hill and sit in the box to simulate the kind of weight she would be carrying! Needless to say, the ever-reliable bike passed the test with flying colours.
When you’re verging on being ‘Dutch tall’, only an authentic Dutch bike will do. This gentleman came all the way from East Anglia to collect his Cross Frame Fr8 with XL seatpost. The combination of chromoly steel and fat tyres make this an ideal bike for his occasional off-road adventures, and his upgraded Busch & Müller Lumotec Eyc light means that he can always see where he’s going.  
The bike isn’t one of ours, but the front + rear childseats and the heavy-duty crate were accessories that are otherwise difficult to find in the UK. 
Thumbs up from this lovely Belgian family and their WorkCycles Kr8. When Harry joined them for their first ride, the young lad was telling his dad to go ‘sneller, sneller!’ The dad remarked that there was plenty of space in the bike’s box for his son to have a little girlfriend on board – why do dads always say the most embarrassing things?
Another discerning Dutch mum who found our little shop online. She quickly honed in on the brilliant Flying Mama bike, and then accessorized it with a Yepp Junior childseat and the most fabulous pink crate we can get our hands on. 
These are just a few pictures of our happy customers – there are a lot more, and so there will be more blog posts (with more interesting bikes and wonderful people!) following shortly. Stay tuned!


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  1. This is just joyous! What fabulous customers.
    May the Flying Dutchman community go from strength to strength in 2016!

  2. Hi – I came in on Wednesday with my son Jono who very kindly bought me a Gazelle.
    You also allowed us to test ride an electric bike. Could you let me know which model it was?

    Many thanks in advance

  3. Hey Harry
    Have been on my dutch bike for 3 days ….. LOVE it not only the ride itself but all the attention you get from other bikers (silent envy …. lol)

    1. Haha, nice one Luuk! Great to hear that you’re happy 😀

      They’re probably in disbelief that someone can ride a comfortable bike in normal clothes!

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