Dutch bike front rack

The fabled bicycle front rack (+ other useful accessories)

Since we don’t yet have an online shop, some of you may not be aware of the huge range of accessories that we get from the Netherlands. Although Dutch bikes still occupy most of our attentions, we have found that there is an increasing demand for Dutch accoutrements, and for the adapting of other types of bikes to make them more useful!

When the results are particularly good (and when the customers are particularly obliging), we try to get a quick snap to show how we have improved their bike. Read on to see some of our more recent success stories (and see a few more Happy Customers)…

dog bike basket

Adamant that Ernie should ride up front with her, this lovely lady came to us for advice. Her bike was in fine condition, and so modifying what she already had made more sense than recommending something new. Although pet carriers already exist for bikes’ rear racks, Ernie is a gentleman who prefers to ride at the front; faced with front suspension forks and a whole mess of gear/brake cabling, we had our work cut out for us in coming up with a solution. Luckily we have some great suppliers and a large range of front racks to choose from. After whittling down the options, we found just the right rack and then paired it with a paw-friendly wicker basket. Once everything was fitted and secured, the first test ride proved to be a great success – hence the big grins in the picture above!

Dogs are pretty joyus creatures, but there’s hardly a greater joy than seeing one on a bike (especially if it’s Dutch!)



London cyclist Dutch bike

This young lady came to us with a host of problems, and it was our privilege to help solve them. In the first instance she was after a crate for her rear rack, and from our selection she picked out a particularly capacious container so she can stow her work bag and give her back a rest. Once she mentioned her back problems, we suggested that her riding position placed unnecessary strain on her wrists and neck, and that an adjustable stem could raise her handlebars to alleviate this. A quick stem swap raised her bars significantly, and her new riding position not only eliminates her discomfort but she also reports that it also gives her better visibility in traffic. The final improvement that we made to this bike was the addition of a lightweight and durable kickstand. With a stand like this, the bike can be propped up when it’s being loaded or locked, so there’s no need to lean it on anything and risk scratching it – success! This young lady now drops by our shop on a regular basis to see what new accessories we have; her latest purchases included a set of puncture-proof tyres, a super wide and comfy saddle, and as a set of multi-coloured valve lights to make her bike more visible from the sides – who said that safety has to be boring?!

adjustable stem bike handlebar
Basil bike basket
bike kickstand london



baby seat bike London
bike front rack Londonbike crate London cargo bicycle

This young mum wanted a place to stow her child’s school bag during the week, and her child’s scooter at the weekend. Since the rear rack is permanently occupied with a passenger seat, the only option was a retro-fit front rack. The axle-mounted steel rack that we used here is ubiquitous across the Netherlands, and can be found carrying just about anything from crates of beer to adventurous passengers! Since the customer’s bike had proper wheel nuts instead of a quick-release system, the installation was straightforward. For a Dutch accessory such as this, choosing the colour of the crate was simple: Orange, please!


Gazelle Tour Populair London
Gazelle Dutch bike London
traditional Dutch bike London
London Dutch bike

The owner of this magnificent Tour Populair is a young lady from the States. While visiting London last autumn she happened upon our then fledgling store, and, like a true American hero, was determined to patron our new business by purchasing an item. As any Gazelle owner knows, however, there is usually very little that one can do to upgrade such a bike; they really are sold ‘fully-loaded’. It was then that I remembered my own Tour Populair, and how a front rack had transformed it from a regular omafiets into a proper cargo-carrying bruiser-cruiser. Although mine was used mainly for transporting crates of biertjes from Albert Heijn, this young lady uses hers for real things, like carrying Fiddle Leaf Fig trees around downtown Palm Beach. In fact, you can even keep track of what she carries (and other things) by checking out her spectacularly colourful Palm Beach CycleChic blog.




custom bike London

We have a lot of interesting customers, but some of them really do stand out from the crowd. This gentleman is the genius behind the Simple Genius Freestep: making use of a lot of conventional bike components, this ‘cross-trainer on wheels’ also has a lot of the same mounting points. Because it is ridden for utility and transport, our friend wanted to make his bike more useful. Since rear rack options (like panniers) were out of the question, another type of front rack was called for. To complement the bike’s a-traditional aesthetic, we found a modern box + rack combo, with enough strength and capacity to meet the gentleman’s needs. Get in touch if you’d like more information about this machine – rumour has it that a Flying Dutchman version might be in the pipeline 😉

simple genius freestep London
Yepp front rack london bike
London bicycle front rack cargo bike Dutch bike
front rack bicycle




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