From Box to Box-Bike (in under a minute)

At some point in darkest December, a lone mechanic worked long into the night to put together a WorkCycles Kr8 in time for Christmas.

Some say that everyday heroes like this are the real Santas of the festive period… though perhaps you should check out the video and decide for yourself (the speed of the build might make him more of an elf than a Santa!):



Putting together bakfiets style cargo bikes has become a speciality of ours, even from our humble beginnings when we were building them in our living room!

There are a number of reasons why we massively prefer (and ultimately recommend) Dutch two-wheelers instead of the Danish three-wheeler trikes; for starters:

  • in spite of what you might think, two-wheelers are more stable (especially at speed and in the corners)
  • two-wheelers are easier to park and manoeuvre in the city
  • trikes are inherently heavier
  • cargo bikes with two wheels ride like regular bicycles, whereas trikes tend to ride more like shopping trolleys
  • two-wheeler bikes are only as wide as their handlebars, and so they can squeeze through gaps that (significantly wider) trikes cannot; this allows you to slip through traffic with ease, as can be seen here

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and plan to keep up the good work by helping more families to get around by bike in London. The Cycle-Superhighways will be opening this Spring, and the Dutch bike revolution starts here!

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