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You won’t find a ‘sponsored ad’ from us at the top of Google, and the Flying Dutchman won’t follow you around Facebook. We don’t deposit cookies on your browser, and we don’t insert croissants in your hard-drive either 😉 This is because we know that ads can be quite annoying, and we’d rather grow our business more organically, through personal referrals and recommendations.

However, as a new business it is still important for us to let people know that we exist! Through the magical and mysterious workings of the internet, our little enterprise somehow caught the attention of Carlton Reid (more on him below). Now, it would have been a privilege just to meet with Mr. Reid, famous as he is in our circles; the fact that he wanted to interview us for BikeBiz was extraordinary! To have our story featured in a magazine which has over 100,000 readers per month was a spectacular prospect… but to have our picture on the front cover of their March edition! We were completely flabbergasted – it was a huge surprise!
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Among other things, Carlton Reid is the executive editor of BikeBiz magazine. He’s also an author, a journalist for the Guardian, an avid bike rider, a father of three, the brain behind the ‘ipayroadtax‘ website, and an all-round nice guy. We’d seen many of his interviews online and on the news, and so we were intrigued when he first got in touch with us.

BikeBiz is the dominant site for trade readers and those with a professional interest in the business, and even before we opened a bike shop we knew its importance. However, we never would have imagined that such an established publication would be interested in us, and certainly not so early-on in our Flying Dutchman adventure. Carlton clearly saw that we are doing something quite revolutionary in our little shop, and his article highlights nothing less than the cultural shift that we are promoting with our Dutch utility bikes.


From among Reid’s numerous publications, two books really stand out for us. The first of these is Family Cycling: a book about getting fit, getting connected, getting around, and getting happy on bikes. Pretty much our philosophy in a nutshell! The second book is called The Roads Were Not Built For Cars, and is focused on revealing the pivotal – largely unacknowledged – role that bicyclists played in the development of modern roadways. In this meticulously researched work, Reid introduces readers to cycling personalities and cycling advocacy groups that influenced early road improvements, literally paving the way for the motor car. His most recent book is being crowd-funded, and concerns itself with the unexpected resurgence in cycling in the 1970s, through to today and beyond. Like some of his other works, this latest offering is seeking support through kickstarter, and the accompanying video does a great job of explaining why it’s a truly worthwhile project. We’ve got our copy pre-ordered 😉
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