Gazelle Orange C8 HM
Electric City Bike

If you understand how important the colour orange is to the Dutch, you will begin to appreciate how special and close to their hearts is the bike that gets given this name.

On their website, Gazelle simply describe it as a ‘Comfortable City Bike’, but the Orange series is so, so much more than this – especially in its electric format!

While it is indeed comfortable (and yes, it could be put to good use in the city), Gazelle fail to mention that the Orange is their best-selling model, and that there are a number of good reasons why this is the case.

First of all, this bike’s comfort is unrivalled; the geometry is highly refined, and all the controls are intuitive and at your fingertips. The Orange is also seriously adjustable, so if you should be kind enough to share the bike, it can be easily adapted to fit a range of differently sized people.

Magura’s hydraulic rim-brakes are fitted as standard and come from the world of competitive mountain biking; needless to say, they offer reliable stopping power in all conditions.

The real heart of this electric bike is, of course, the motor. Mounted low down and in the centre, the Impulse mid-motor uses a torque sensor to provide harmonious assistance to your pedalling. Notably quieter than the well-renowned Bosch electric motor, the Impulse system also delivers bags more torque – 22Nm more, to be precise!

Additionally, as an electric city bike for the modern age, the Gazelle Orange C8 has a lot of well-considered features. For instance, the chain is fully enclosed inside a chaincase, protecting it from the elements; the bike comes with a built-in ringlock to immobilise the rear wheel; the lights are powered by an integrated hub dynamo, meaning that you never have to worry about batteries; the tyres are puncture resistant, and have reflective side-walls for added visibility; the bike’s battery can be locked in place when unattended; the seat post is sprung to add to the rider’s comfort; the hardware is all stainless steel to prevent rust; the handlebars can be easily adjusted without the need for tools.

We can wax lyrical about the benefits of a quality electric city bike like the Gazelle Orange C8, but the fact that we choose to ride to work and back every day on one of these speaks volumes about how highly we regard this superlative electric bike!


  • 49cm
  • 53cm
  • 57cm
  • 61cm


  • port royal / bright aluminium,
  • eclipse black / grace silver

Configuration options

  • Silver Battery – 8.6Ah
  • Gold Battery – 11.4Ah
  • platinum Battery – 13.4Ah



2015 winner : e-bike under 2500Euro


Winner of Good Industrial Design Award 2014

Price: £1979 (incl. silver battery)

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