The Flying Dutchman’s Favourite Electric Bikes

N.B. We supply the full range of Gazelle electric bikes, and have many of them in store for test rides (we simply haven’t had the time to put them all on our website!)

Wallerang electric bike London

Walleräng M.01 E-Bike

A lightweight frame combined with front + rear racks and a Shimano Steps mid-drive electric motor? The modular Walleräng is an electric bike that has it all!
Gazelle Orange C8 HM

Gazelle Orange C8 HM

The easiest-riding and most comfortable electric bike, with everything that you need and nothing that you don’t? No wonder it’s a Gazelle best-seller!
BSP E-Volt Urban EC10

BSP E-Volt Urban EC10

New Electric Bike Arriving in Spring!
Electric bike London

WorkCycles Gr8

The Gr8 could be thought of as the little brother of the mighty Fr8.
Still super tough in its own right, just lighter and with an all-round more compact geometry.
electric city bike

WorkCycles Fr8 Universal

No one does family bikes like WorkCycles, and the Fr8 is one of their best. Need we say more?

WorkCycles Fr8

The cross-frame version of the Fr8 is designed for taller riders, but can still make use of the full range of accessories and components.
Urban Arrow family bike

Urban Arrow Family

Bringing the cargo bike into the 21st century with lightweight, modern materials and an integrated electric assist system. Smart Urban Mobility indeed.
WorkCycles Kr8 cargo bike

WorkCycles Kr8

WorkCycles pulled out all the stops in designing their very own bakfiets. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail makes the Kr8 a bike to behold.
budget Dutch cargo bike

Dolly Bike

Top-level components and colourful design features set this exceptionally lightweight cargo bike apart. Make it electric and flatten those hills!