About us

We are Harry and Kristina, and together we founded Flying Dutchman Bikes back in 2015.

Our experience as ‘bike people’ comes from two young lifetimes thus far lived without a driver’s licence between them. We grew up on two wheels, and though we loved cycling, we both encountered problems with riding for everyday purposes. Away from mainland Europe, it felt almost as if the culture and industry considered cycling to be a leisure activity, rather than a practical and convenient form of transport.

During our time as students in Edinburgh, we adapted our touring equipment and used it for food shopping and commuting to the library. However, after several years of ‘making do’, it was the year that we spent in the Netherlands that really changed our approach to utility cycling.

In places like Amsterdam we saw first-hand how simple and practical bikes can be seamlessly integrated into people’s lives. Riding comfortable, upright bikes in all weathers and in ordinary clothes, alongside all the mamas and papas, the kids, and the grandparents – it was enough to make anyone fall in love with the Dutch approach to transport!

We had been inspired, and on our return to the UK we knew what we had to do. We decided to start Flying Dutchman Bikes as a way of sharing our enthusiasm for everyday cycling.

Whether it’s city bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes, or family bikes, our aim is to stock only the products that we would be happy to use ourselves, thus ensuring high-quality across our range.

By choosing to specialise in only top-quality, low-maintenance Dutch bicycles, the Flying Dutchman sets itself apart. We are proud to be independent, and we are grateful for the ongoing support of our suppliers and customers – many of whom have become our good friends over the years. 

The Flying Dutchman’s commitment to long-term bicycle ownership:


1. We don’t do ‘pressure selling’ – we only want happy customers, and so we listen carefully to your requirements
2. Test rides are available (and encouraged!) on all bikes – just remember to bring your ID
3. All bikes are assembled and checked by an experienced and Cytech-qualified mechanic prior to delivery
4. One free check-up for customers in the first
6-8 weeks to ensure you get off to a good start
5. If we don’t think that a bike is right for you, we won’t sell it to you (unless you force us!)

Want to know more? Check out Our Philosophy and see why we think Dutch cycling should conquer the world!